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In 1920, against the backdrop of the eternal forest and culture of craftsmanship that has continued since the Asuka period, woodworkers wishing for the development of the region made use of beech trees, which had been regarded as unnecessary waste, started making bentwood furniture. Through the dedicated efforts and challenges of our predecessors, Hida has developed into one of Japan's leading furniture production areas.

The heart and skill of a craftsman means to think of people, reflect on time, hone one's skills, and walk with the forest. Just as we have brought out the charm of knots and cedar to the world, We will continue to explore forest resources and lead their utilization. We want to deliver a life with the warmth of wood.

This is a place where new creations are made possible and people gather in pursuit of it's charm.
It is our ambition to make Hida, the birthplace of our company, a sacred place for woodworking.

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